Priime Galleries Pricing

Priime Galleries pricing is designed to incentivize good behavior and uphold quality. The terms and prices change with the market and with improvements made in our tools and services. Check back often for the latest.


The total amount paid for one license is the sum of the following:

  • Licensing Price Total: Sum of selected terms
  • Priime Fee: 25% of Licensing Total
  • Transaction Fee: 3% of Licensing Total


Gallery fees are paid by Curators and Applicants, including:

  • Gallery Creation: $25
  • Invitations: $20
  • Applications: $20

Pricing Details

Licensing Price Total

Buyers can choose the licensing terms they would like to include in their final license. These terms are selected individually or included in a package.

  • Description: The sum of all the terms selected for licensing the content.
  • Who Pays: The Buyer
  • Who is Paid: Split between Contributor and Curator. The percentage split is agreed upon by the Curator and Contributor when the Gallery is created, and can vary from one Gallery to another.
  • Result: Compensate Contributors for their work fairly, and compensate Curators for their curation, marketing, and distribution.

Priime Fee

  • Description: 25% of the Licensing Price Total
  • Who Pays: The Buyer
  • Who is Paid: Priime
  • Result: Compensate Priime for ongoing maintenance, hosting, and improvements to Galleries.

Transaction Fee

  • Description: 3% fee for stripe transactions, this comes out of the Licensing Price Total
  • Who Pays: Curator and Contributor
  • Who is Paid: Payment transaction service provider
  • Result: Cover transaction and credit card fees through our transaction provider.

Gallery Creation

  • Description: Creating a brand new Gallery requires a creation fee
  • Who Pays: Curator
  • Who is Paid: Priime
  • Result: Priime is compensated for continuing to maintain, host, and improve Gallery features. Gallery creation fees will signal intentions of licensing future work and maintaining high quality content. Less empty Galleries, and more intentional Curators.


  • Description: Inviting someone to contribute their photo or video to your Gallery.
  • Who Pays: Curator
  • Who is Paid: Priime
  • Result: The invitation fee compensates Priime to continue to maintain, improve, and expand the system for invitations. The fee also cancels the application fee for the invited person so they could submit their work to your Gallery for free. The fee also greatly discourages Curators from abusing the invitation system, and reduces spam and possible misuse.
  • Refund: If the invitee does not respond within 7-days, either a decline or an application, this fee is refunded to the Curator. This encourages invitees to respond in a timely manner, and removes the risk of inviting a disinterested or unreachable invitee.


  • Description: People can apply for their photo or video to be considered to be added to a Curator’s Gallery
  • Who Pays: The potential Contributor (applicant)
  • Who is Paid: Priime and Curator (50/50 split)
  • Result: The application fee compensates Priime to continue to maintain, monitor and improve the system for applications. The fee also compensates the Curator for creating a desirable Gallery to be applied to. The fee reinforces applicants to be deliberate and careful with their applications, maintaining higher levels of quality applicants. The fee also discourages abusing the application system and reduces the number of spam and misuse.
  • Refund: If the Curator does not respond within 7-days, with either a decline or acceptance, this fee is refunded to the applicant. This encourages active Curators, and removes the risk for applicants of applying to abandoned Galleries.

Priime Credits

Priime Galleries will award credits to Curators and Contributors through referrals of new Curators and successful license transactions.

Referring Curators

Curators will get 3 free contributor invitations when they refer a new Curator to join and create a Gallery.

The new Curator will also get 3 free invitations as well if they use the referral code.

Completed Licenses

When a license is purchased for more than $100, the Curator gets credit for a free future Contributor Invitation and the Contributor is likewise given credit for a free future application.

Buyer Credits

Promotional credits are awarded to Buyers through contests, giveaways, and more. They are used as a reduction in the Priime Fee for licensing.